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Impact factor of Robotics Journal


Update: (Mar, 2015)

Hello everyone,

today i would like to share the result of my research (actually just collecting data) about impact factor (IF) of many international robotics journal around the world. Since i am also a doctoral student of mechanical and control engineering at tokyo tech, knowing this information is essential. All the data was taken not only from the website of each journal homepage, but also from another source such as research gate and google h5-Index. I don’t bring any personal/group interest from this data, i just want to know and comparing many robotics journal so that i can choose the place to submit my research. while searching for this, i found that it seems no one (very few) is writing about this so i think it worth to share here. I will leave the detail explanation below, so for now let’s us see the list:

based on: ISI website Research Gate Google scholar
Journal Name Publisher IF 2011 IF 2014 RG 5 years h5-Index (2014)
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics IEEE 6.5 5.08 98
Automatica Elsevier 3.132 3.94 86
IEEE Trans. Robotics (T-RO) IEEE 3.063 2.649 3.64 50
Int. J. Robotics Research (IJRR) Sage 4.095 2.523 3.59 55
IEEE Trans. Automatic Control IEEE 3.167 3.41 77
IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics IEEE/ASME 2.87 3.652 3.39 40
IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics IEEE 8.785 3.19
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM) IEEE 2.187 2.319 3.1 32
Bioinspiration and Biomimetics Iopscience 1.845 2.534 2.85
J. Field Robotics (JFR) Wiley 3.593 1.88 2.75 32
IEEE Trans. Control System Tech. IEEE 2.521 2.62 47
J. MicroElectroMechanical System (JMEMS) IEEE/ASME 1.915 2.44
Autonomous Robots (AURO) Springer 2.033 1.75 1.89 35
IEEE Trans. Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE) IEEE 2.162 1.86
Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Elsevier 1.254 1.839 1.77 32
Int. J. Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Wiley 1.532 1.62 25
Robotics and Autonomous Systems Elsevier 1.313 1.105 1.62 37
Mechatronics Elsevier 1.823 1.6 30
IEEE Trans. Haptics IEEE 2.03 1.5 24
J. Bionics Engineering Elsevier 1.032 1.333 1.35
Robotica Cambridge 0.939 0.894 1.14 23
J. Intelligent and Robotics System Springer 0.757 0.81 0.97 28
Industrial Robot: An International Journal Emerald Insight 0.655 0.622 0.82
Advanced Robotics RSJ 0.653 0.562 0.75
Int. J. of Humanoid Robotics World Scientific 0.879 0.408 0.68
Int. J. Robotics and Automation Nes 0.206 0.658 0.55 19
Int. J. Social Robotics Springer 0 25
Int. J. Advanced Robotics Systems Intech 0.326 0.497 0 19

The first criteria is IF2011. this is made by another website here. They said that the data was tracked from Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). They have done great job, however the data is not update. that’s why i eager to update it, and try to share it here.From so many list of the robotics journal, i think these 25 journal is the best i could get. while it is true that there are still plenty of robotics or control journal out there, but i think this journal is very close/related to everyone who do research about robotics. So, what is the different between those criteria?

The second criteria is IF2014. this data was taken from the website of each journal homepage. I believe almost all the data is written in their website, but only few of them is not written (though i take from googling). This data is interesting in my opinion, because they write the IF based on their own opinion as the owner of the journal, i mean, of course they wrote the IF based on the specialize company/organization that do this (e.g. thompson reuters),  but since they can choose to shows it or not, so at least this data also contain the consciousness of the journal owner. This is very good.

The third criteria is 5 years (RG). Actually i collect this data from Research Gate website. they have the value for each years, and also the 5 years value for each journal. This one is also very good since it based on organization/website which is not related to the owner of the journal. i choose research gate just because i have one, and my friends around me also have this, and i think as a researcher, we need to have one (research gate, google scholars, etc). by the way, if you see the data from research gate and impact factor of each journal, sometimes the value is different even though the year is the same. why? i dont know too, but maybe just because the organization that make the calculation of impact factor is not only one, so the data could differ each other. well, i dont need to be bothered with this, as long as we have many opinion, we can then make our opinion and then decide which journal we want to submit.

The last criteria is h5 Index. this index made by google scholars. the scale is different with normal calculation of impact factor. but well since i am not doing any research about how to calculate impact factor, i can not describe here. but for me is enough, since at least i got the data.

That’s all about i know, i am sorry if i cannot describe anymore in detail. but hope this list is useful for you, especially if you are student that doing research about robotics.

If you have any comments or suggestion, feel free to comments.

See you.. 🙂


Author: ashlih

electrical engineering ITB no gakusei desu

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