Menjadi bagian dalam pembuktian bahwa Islam adalah Rahmatan lil Alamin

Color personalty test


abis nyoba personality test by picking color.

instruksinya ga jelas banget jadi ngisinya asal aja pake feeling

Free five minute personalty test.

hasilnya lumayan,

ada yang cocok, ada yg kagak

seperti kebanyakan personality test lainnya



Your Existing Situation

Feels his position is threatened or not properly recognized by others and feels defensive. Determined to go after his goals despite his fear of bringing conflict upon himself.

Your Stress Sources

Tries to hold back his normal enthusiastic and imaginative self in fear that he may get carried away by it and chase after unrealistic goals. Feels betrayed and used and is staying emotionally distant to keep others from hurting him more. His is distrusting and suspicious of the actions and intentions of other people.

Your Restrained Characteristics


“Emotionally withdrawn, feels forced to make compromises which makes emotional attachments difficult.”

“Insists his hopes and ideas are realistic and achievable, but needs encouragement and support. His self-centeredness can cause him to take things too personally.”

“Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. He is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity, as long as there is not a lot of conflict or emotional difficulty.”


Your Desired Objective

“Is intimidated by the activities going on around him. Conflict and disagreements tend to drain him and therefore he avoids those situations. Often times he will hide with plans and goals from others, because he fears they will openly attack him. He works out his plans in private so as not to cause any problems or trouble with others.”

Your Actual Problem

“Finds himself too trusting and needs protection from this because he feels people will take advantage or misunderstand him. He hides his true feelings by being highly critical and distant, unwilling to participate unless he knows the intent is honest.”

Your Actual Problem #2

“Inability to reach his goals, he is afraid to create or pursue new goals because he fears the rejection and let down they may cause him. He is feeling anxious and escapes by withdrawing into himself and protecting his emotions leaving him moody and depressed.”

– See more at:,6,2,0,1,5,4,3,7,3,0,2,1,7,6,3,5,4,5&p=full#sthash.jiOrvR2y.dpuf


Author: ashlih

electrical engineering ITB no gakusei desu

7 thoughts on “Color personalty test

  1. Langsung di publish lah -__-”
    Ini demotivator bgt personality test nya, bahkan awak ada part :

    “Uses his charm to deal with others and get what he wants.”

    Emang gue apaan? -___-”

  2. Duh kalian cepat sekali munculnya

  3. eh tapi kok klo dibaca baca lagi ada benernya ya?
    maneh mana hasilnya ad?
    mita banget -> Has too much built-up excitement which is ready to break free in an impulsive and irrational outburst.

    • huahuahua, asal jangan jadi pengaruh negatif aja shlih kayak temen lo, dia kayaknya udah terpengaruh aura negatifnya deh, lo sebagai yang beraura positif harus menyelamatkan sebelum ntar dia galau di stasiun =))

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