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long time

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it’s been a long time since i haven’t took care of this blog,
honestly, i had a lot of thinks in my mind,
but somehow i feel so scare to write it, embarrassed,
how can i write something that’s not the real me?
just write something that look’s good on people,
non irritating to be read,
it’s like wearing a mask on your life,
so tiring, full of lies,
in the end i just wasting my time here
thinking about word, sentence, and story
while i have another task to do..

but somehow, when i meet my friends,
we had a lot of story to be told,
a lot experience to be share,
and also a lot of problems to be done..

little by little, i regain some consciousness,
it’s not about writing, a good things,
but it’s about sharing an experience,
or wisdom that you get.

nothing wrong with it,
hope so..


Author: ashlih

electrical engineering ITB no gakusei desu

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