Menjadi bagian dalam pembuktian bahwa Islam adalah Rahmatan lil Alamin

another random english post


It’s been a long time since last time I write something in English. Usually it ends up with only 2-3 line of story -__- I hope I can write much now because I want to be close with this languange, beside Japanese..

I don’t know what to write, but I just want to force my self to write anything with English. Maybe after this post, I will force myself to write something in Japanese, hehe..

First I want to make clear about my scholarship, since there is always a confusing question about it. As I write earlier in my previous 2 post, I got monbusho scholarship from university recommendation (U2U).  it means that the person(institution) that give recommendation to mext is a university. Of course it means that the requirement to get the scholarship will be made by university.

And in my university, they had a program name IGP(A). the program said that I must study in master and doctoral degree for 5 years. Master 2 years, and doctoral 3 years. and of course, the program will give the scholarship only for the selected time, so I must meet the requirement.

To make it simple, I must finish master degree in 2 years. no more than 2 years! and after that I must continue with doctoral degree for 3 years. if I cannot graduate at the right time, the scholarship will stop. The scholarship will be give in two period, master period and doctoral period. So, the scholarship is not 5 years stright, but 2 years + 3 years. is it clear enough?

So if there is a problem like I cannot finish doctoral degree in 3 years (because doctoral degree is not easy to finish in 3 years), so the remaining years tuition fee and live cost will be your own responsibility. This explanation is simple. How about if I cant finish master degree in 2 years?

The answer is, I don’t know what will happen to me. I ever ask my senior but I still don’t get the clear explanation. I think that it just like a black hole, no one know what inside, and you should not come inside it. Just don’t confused with what will happen, but just prepare yourself not to go there. and to be honest, unknown entity like this make me feel a bit scare, but sometimes I think this as an interesting challenge..

Let’s say, if I had something big in the future, or dreams to achieve, why whould I scare with something like this? Am I scare of a failure and bring shame? Am I scare if I get marriage, then I will need more money to live there and need scholarship so much? Am I scare of future if I fail finishing my study? Am I this weak? 😥

I scare, if Allah left me behind, and live without His guidance..

lets forget about the risk for a while. I just have to work hard, and let Allah give the rest.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. laa haula walaa quwwata illa billah..

(I hope I can keep this faith and courage until the end of my life)


Author: ashlih

electrical engineering ITB no gakusei desu

2 thoughts on “another random english post

  1. 5 years stright -> 5 years straight. Istaqim my brother, see u again as a Doctor from Tokodai.

  2. i know you can do it brother, Insya Allah 🙂

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