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Salman English Forum (SELF)

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At Salman, we have a program to improve our English. The program is Salman English Forum (SELF). We invite people/students from other country. We speak about the country, food, tribe, people, law, politics, culture, etc. sometimes they compare it with Indonesia so we can get a lot of suggest to make Indonesia more better. And, it really have a lot of suggest to be done.

The people that we have invite is from Birmingham (England), Kanada, Stuttgard (germany), Malaysia, New Guinea (usually known as nugini), and the latest is Netherland (holland/deutch is the same).

I really enjoy this program, instead we invite a native (not real native but, “yang penting”, the most important thing is he/she can speak English fluently) but also we learn much things.

Maybe I can’t tell the complete story here, but I would like to summarize what I learn. The difference between we and they is,,

  1. they all are discipline/on time
  2. they are not littering (very different with Indonesia, a lot of trash everywhere)
  3. the traffic is not like in Indonesia “macet”
  4. they have an independence of speaking, but not discriminating
  5. The density of people, Indonesia is very crowded
  6. The weather in Indonesia is more comfort

And a lot of other things that maybe I can write it again sometimes.

The most funniest thing is,, in New Guinea, there have been a criminalitation like at the movie. The bank robber, they robe the bank from the top of building and using a helicopter. that really interesting right?

The most uncommon things is,, in Holland, the homosexualities, drinks, drug, marriage between the same sex, and suicide (harakiri) is legal. Wow, great.. its about the freedom they said.

Yeah, that’s the different of us. They just also a normal person. Not because the culture is come from west means that they always right, it means that we must thankfully to Allah that we have a life so wonderful.

(I am sorry if you become sick with my writing, I just studying now)

Wallahu a’lam bisshawab


Author: ashlih

electrical engineering ITB no gakusei desu

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